miércoles, 3 de agosto de 2011

Making comic books at Sadhaka Studio Part 1

The Script

This entry marks the beginning of a sort of how to make comics… actually more of a how we make comics at Sadhaka Studio.

It seems today every single movie is based on a comic book. Here, at Sadhaka Studio we like to make things backwards (or so it would seem). The truth is that “The Fearless Zombie Hunters” originally started as a movie, well, a screenplay really. Being a lifelong fan of zombie movies and having made a couple of short films on the subject I decided it was time to write a feature. Upon completing the screenplay, I realized it was a bit too ambitious to produce without a decent budget so I decided to put it in a drawer for when the time was right.

Years later while working on a comic book, I realized that "The Fearless Zombie Hunters" would really work perfectly as a comic. Since I was already working with the right artist for the job, Gared Campos, I decided to adapt the screenplay for print and go from there.

Here, you can take a look at an excerpt (pages 4 through 7) from the first draft of the original screenplay, written by myself quite some time ago, during an extended vacation (which is in itself a story all it's own). It was originally typed on an electric typewriter (it includes all the typos that go with that) and on European standard A4 paper (instead of American letter size). Those who speak Spanish, please excuse the lack of accents and reverse question and exclamation marks (not available on the typewriter). The main point of all of this is to show the process from script to finished comic book for anyone who is actually interested in that sort of thing. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did working on it.

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